Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picnic to Ba Vi

Last Sunday, I went for a picnic with my colleagues. There were about 45 people including children. The bus picked us up at out university at 7.30 am, which meant that I and Bob had to wake up early and travelled there by motorbike. Bob was very excited about the trip. Nothing surprising because he likes travelling. After a light breakfast, putting on warm clothes, we set off.

Ba Vi was about 60 km far from Hanoi. Not very far, so I decided not to take nautamine (carsick medicine). Luckily, both of us did not suffer from carsickness.

We arrived at about 9.30. From the 'bus park' to the exact destination was about 2 km. We had to walk. It was really a natural place: path, no road, green grass and bushes around us, 'dirty things' from cows or goats or lambs under our feet; however, fresh air and peace. So different from our city life. We stopped in the middle of a little pine wood. The people who were responsible for preparing main course for us had put up a tent-like thing. The view was fine but it was much better if it was sunny. Poor us, it was so cold and windy here. All of us sat in groups chatting, grilling lamb meat, baking corn and sweet potatoes, enjoying our lunch outdoors and teasing and joking with each other and singing. A lot of fun. But unfortunately, my Nokia had low battery and it shut off automatically, not many photos were taken.

Bob got on well with other kids. He had a good time too. He liked playing around the fire.

At 2.30 we decided to start the journey back. Walking through the field again to the bus. The bus ran at 3.00. On the way back we stopped to buy fresh milk, caramel and youghurt. (Bavi has got farms raising cows.) When we were about 10 km from Big C, we got stuck in a terrible traffic jam, which took us two hours to escape from it.

We got back to our motorbike after 6.30 and home at 7.15 I thought. Cold and hungry. We just had a light dinner and went to bed early.