Saturday, August 29, 2009

Autumn arrives

Even summer is over but the weather in autumn these days have been really humid, even more terrible than in summer. As a result, I was sick for nearly 5 days, eating little (mostly fruits) and drinking a lot of water.
Autumn arrives and children start their new school year. One more week to go, my son will go to school ‘full time’ from 7 to 5.15. This year is his last year in the primary school. Just wish him a successful year.
Autumn in Hanoi is nice and is associated with ‘romantic’. The sky is high and blue and clear. The sun shines brightly. The wind blows gently. The trees are full of green leaves. It is not very hot and at night it is even cool. A season for lovers to miss each other more. However, autumn is also seen as ‘sad’...