Monday, January 27, 2014

Siem Riep 2014

As soon as we started our 3-week Tet holiday, I visited Siem Riep, a small but really famous city in Cambodia. Siem Riep is in the dry season. Therefore, the weather was nice: sunny and warm. Much better than Hanoi: cold and cloudy. 

As a real tourist, I visited the temples and museums during the day and went to Siem Riep's old quarter at twilight for drinks and dinner. Not difficult at all because temples are located near each other and all are in the forest not very far from the our hotel. On the map for tourists the areas are noticeable 'squares' and the ways to there are really 'tourist friendly'. You cannot get lost. The most popular means of transport in SiemRiep is 'tuk tuk' and the driver was very friendly and careful.

Temples in Siem Riep were impressive and nice. Over the time and wars they were destroyed a lot. However, the remaining is enough to prove how wonderful they were. So many photos were taken in the temples I visited. Although all of them were taken by my smart phone not by professional cameras, they were still great :-).

There were a lot of tourists in Siem Riep. They came from so many different countries but not many Vietnamese people there. On my flight to Siem Riep and back to Hanoi, I did not see any Vietnamese people except the cabin crew :-). I just felt a bit that I was lucky to be a teacher whose holiday is always longer than most of other jobs and I was happy when I had another chance to open my mind and admire one of the world's wonders.