Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer plan

Home alone. Not much to do. I turn on the laptop and relax on the sofa surfing the net and listening to music. By chance I found the song "You're my destiny" sung by Paul Anka. Listening to it again and again. Nice song. Wish someone ever told me like that :-)

By the way, my summer holiday is coming in two weeks. Recently we have been preparing end-of year tests for students. Hard work.

I am thinking what we will do this summer. Certainly we will go swimming in the pool nearby. Maybe I will resume music lessons if the teacher can make time for me. She has just given a birth to a baby. Van, my colleague invited us (Mai and me) to come to her hometown, where there is a famous beach Sam Son. And Bob will go to art class downtown again. I promise to teach him English. It is obvious that for the last some months I haven't taught him much. :-) Mum is busy earning money. So bad :-(.

When we work hard in the school year, we long for the summer holiday. But I know for sure that when we enjoy holiday we will miss work.