Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer holiday 2010

A long summer holiday has come to me and my son. As I mentioned before in my blog, as a teacher and pupil, we have longer holidays than other people. And this year it started with some nice surprises.

Bob 'graduated' from primary school with good results. This autumn he goes to secondary school. And he just won Prize B for his painting in an art contest organized in Hanoi Children's Palace on the occassion of its 55th anniverary, which made us so happy. In addition, he is now more confident to swim in the pool. I try to take him to the pool every two days. I promise to myself that during the holiday I will teach him more English. Ms Van, my friend, who is teaching children in a private centre, sent me her exercises aiming at consolidating English in Grade 6. I will use them. And one more thing I will do for him is to send him a 5 day course on living skills. I hope he will be more confident to communicate. However, I regret not being able to choose a good secondary school for him.
Another surprise is that my mum agreed to go on holiday with us. At first she refused because she thought she was not fit enough to travel. After a lot of persuading she said yes. This year we are going to Danang and Hoi An, in the central of Vietnam for 5 days from 4 June. It is a really nice gift.

Beside travelling, I would like to spend time reading books in my bookcase. I haven't finished some.