Friday, April 3, 2009

Coffee alone

I love coffee. Of course, I do. Everyday I drink two cups (But I can drink only coffee with milk). My colleagues say that I am addicted to it - 'coffeeholic'. Mmm, maybe. Most of them just drink green tea or herbal water or bottled water while I drink instant coffee. When I make it in the teachers' room, everyone likes the smell. I think it makes the small room cozier. Coffee makes me more alert and keeps my mind more active. I remember I first drank coffee when I prepared for the entrance exams to university, 17 years ago. I had to stay up late and needed a high level of concentration.

I like the coffee smell, I like the coffee colour, I like the atmostphere in cafes, I like coffee mugs and cups, I like stories around coffee and above all I like being with my friends and enjoying coffee. I read on the Internet that romantic people like to have dates in cafes. I don't know if it true or not. But that piece of information makes coffee 'romantic'. Next time, you come into a cafe, you are regarded as romantic.

Today, I had to go to the clinic to check my health. Because it was still early (around 12.30) I called in Highlands cafe in the Hanoi Tower. This was the first time I was there and the first time I was in a cafe alone. I chose a seat outside. However, I found that I was exposed to the public and it was a bit noisy. I decided to sit inside. A table next to the window was empty. Ideal for me. I could sit in silence and could see the traffic outside. But when people are alone in a peaceful and romantic place, their mind often wanders. You may ask me: 'So what did you think about when being there?' I will answer with a smile: ' I thought about my life.'
By the way, I find 2 Vietnamese songs related to coffee. If you like, ...and more ...